Crest Community Church was born on October 22, 1933.


     Crest Community Church began as a Sunday school in the home of Miss Sutterlund on October 22, 1933. When attendance grew too large for her home, the Sunday school was held in the Suncrest Clubhouse until 1935 when the building on the corner of Lento Lane and Madera Verde was purchased and dedicated on November 3, 1935.


     Sunday school was conducted weekly, with an occasional preaching service until 1941. Between 1935 and 1941 the Christian Missionary Alliance Church of El Cajon assisted in supplying three pastors Rev. Searing, Rev. Bean and Rev. Garrison. In 1941 the church called Mr. Earl Major as pastor for the church until 1943. The Rev. Albert Shaw was called in March 1945 and served until July 1945, when he left for the mission field. Dr. Rolland Butler was called in 1945 and served until July 1947. Rev. Bennet and others held services until Richards was called in February 1948. He served four months until May of 1948 The Rev. Dallas Miller was called in 1948 and served until August 1951. During Rev. Miller’s ministry a new church, which is our present Chapel, was built. The old church was used for Sunday school. During this time Mrs. Flannigan passed away and left her home on Eucalyptus Drive to the church and it was used as a parsonage for a while. It was later sold and the money used to run the church.


     Rev. Troy Blair was pastor form 1951 until the summer of 1952. Rev. Charles Olsen was called in October 1952 and served until 1957. A ministerial student, Mr. Landers, acted as interim pastor from 1957 until May 1959. Rev. Carney, Miriam Picotte’s father, also served as interim pastor during this time.


     Rev. Gerald Woodhouse came to the church as pastor in May 1959. The Suncrest Clubhouse was purchased in 1960, and the chapel was moved across to its present location on the property at the corner of Suncrest Boulevard and Juanita Lane.

 In 1961 the porch of the church was enclosed to form Sunday school classrooms. The Sunday school program continued to grow, so in 1965 a hole was opened up at the back left corner of the church and the members dug out and leveled about one third of the space under the church, making additional classrooms.


     After sixteen years of service, Pastor Woodhouse resigned in October 1975. Pastor Harlan Shippy served as interim pastor until July 1977, at which time; Pastor Kenneth Gordon was called and stayed until January 1978. Pastor Walter Barnes served as interim pastor until June 1978, when Pastor Curtis Wildish was called and served until September 1979. Pastor Walter Barnes again served as interim pastor until May 1980.


     Pastor Dale Bailey was called in June of 1980. In 1981 plans to expand the church and remodel the structure was started, under the direction of Peter Dyresen and the Board of Trustees. On Thanksgiving Day 1981, a new opening was cut under the left side of the church at the front corner. This new area gave the church several more classrooms.


     The remodel of the sanctuary began November 23, 1982. Services were held in the chapel, while the Marty Brown Construction Company worked on completing the remodeling of the Sanctuary. On April 23, 1983 the first service was held in the new sanctuary. The fiftieth Anniversary and dedication service was held June 17, 1983.


     In 1987 the chapel was renovated and a kitchen was installed along with new windows, carpeting and flooring. The women’s restroom was also remodeled.


     September of 1993 Pastor Dale Bailey resigned after thirteen years of service. Rev. Bert Fairweather was called as interim pastor in November and was called to be our pastor in May of 1995.


     John and Linda Bake, who work with Creative Evangelism, had a five-day crusade “The Erie Canal Adventure” in February 1998. Many young people from Crest were in attendance and accepted the Lord. Many past and present members joined us for our 65th Anniversary Celebration and Family Reunion.


     The nursery was repainted and decorated. The Lord provided the funds and the church office was remodeled, completed and dedicated.

 In the year 2000 along with the Cornerstone church in Crest we held the 16th annual Sunrise Easter service in Nancy Jane Park.


     In 2003 our nineteenth annual Easter Sunrise Service in Nancy Jane Park was well attended. In October our community and many others in San Diego were devastated by wild fire. Three members of our congregation along with hundreds of others in Crest lost their homes. We praised God that our church survived the fires and we were able to reach out to those in need.


     2004 was a year of recovery for the people of Crest. A group of Mennonites serving with Christian Aid Ministries used our fellowship hall as a base as they helped the people of our community begin to rebuild their homes and as a thank you they did many repairs and upgrades to our church property.


     Two of the missionary families we support visited with us in 2005. Bill and Donna Davis who serve with New Tribes Mission in the Philippines and Dave and MaryJo Nutting who serve with the Alpha Omega Institute Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child. Another group, the CRWRC used our fellowship hall as a base as they helped people who lost their homes in the wildfires of 2003 rebuild.


     In 2006 our church called David Wells to be our assistant pastor. Alan and Lucilia Vogel, our missionaries to Brazil and Irvin Rifkin from Friends of Israel visited with us. CRWRC completed their part in the recovery from the wildfires of 2003 and left the area. Pastor Bert Fairweather resigned after 13 years of faithful service.


     We started 2007 with a new Pastor. David Wells was called to serve as Pastor of Crest Community Church. Pastor Wells called on us to have a vision for our church as we begin to reach out more to our community. Flooding in our church made a remodel of our church basement classrooms necessary.


     In 2008 we painted the church buildings. Our outdoor movie nights continued to be a great success with many people of Crest in attendance. We celebrated the 75th anniversary of our church and began looking forward to our next 75 years of serving the Lord.


     December 24, 2008 Pastor Tony Lambert came and preached the Christmas Eve service as Pastor Dave was out of town. Pastor Tony stayed and taught and preached the first three Sundays in January of 2009 as Pastor Dave was still away on vacation.


     In February 2009 Tony Lambert was installed as Associate Pastor.  In March Tony Lambert was installed as Senior Pastor of Crest Community Church after a unanimous decision by the church to bring him on board. To create a new church body of believers; 21 people from Pastor Tony’s church joined together with the 14 remaining members of Crest Community Church. Approximately 5 people came to know Christ as their Savior and were baptized. The AWANA program was restarted for the kids of the community.


     In 2010 we had a fruitful year as we saw approximately 9 people come to Christ and 1 person rededicated their life to Jesus. All were baptized in one of our member’s pools.  Our congregation has been continuing to grow in numbers and the elder board decided that we needed to purchase a portable baptistery, so we took up a collection to get one and purchased it at the end of the year.


     In 2011we had 12 people make a profession of faith, and were baptized in our new baptistery. The Elder board spent many days in prayer as to the direction of the church as we want to be fully devoted followers of Christ.


     In 2012 we saw 24 people come to know the Lord as their Savior and were baptized. We continued to pray and seek what God wanted this church to become. The leaders of the church started praying for the possible change of the church name after almost 80 years.


     In 2013, after much prayer and discussion, it was decided to change the name of the church to New Seasons Church Crest. We saw 4 people come to the Lord, 1 rededicated their life to Jesus, and 6 people were baptized. We continue to have an AWANA ministry, our Church in the Park, VBS, and our 5th Harvest Festival as yearly outreaches. This year our Harvest Festival brought a family of four from the community to the church.


     In 2014, this portion of the body of Christ has made a conscious decision to “go and make disciples.” We have seen 8 people come to the Lord, 2 people rededicate their lives to Jesus, and 6 of them have been baptized. We are implementing several new or updated ideas to help the church reach back into the community and bring the lost to a saving knowledge of Christ.


     In 2015, we changed the name of the church back to Crest Community Church after much discussion and prayer. We saw 7 people come to know the Lord, 7 people rededicated their lives to God, and 16 people were baptized.


     In 2016, we were able to partner with Crest Elementary School and start a before and after school care program, which we call Kids Club. We also partnered with Crest Elementary PTA to help the kids in the crest community. We had 2 people make new professions of faith, 1 rededication and 2 baptisms.


     In 2017, after much prayer we closed the doors to our  Kids Club program.  We are still partnering with Crest Elementary PTA to help the kids in the crest community. We had 4 people make new professions of faith, 3 rededication and 5 baptisms.


     In 2018, we saw 3 people make new professions of faith; 4 rededications and 5 baptisms In December we learned that Pastor Tony and family would be moving out of state, so we started our search for a new pastor.


     2019, in February we were blessed to have Pastor Ray Blair become our new pastor. He and his wife used to attend our church, and Ray was our youth pastor. It’s so nice to have family return to this portion of the body of Christ.


     May our church be faithful to serve the Lord until Jesus comes



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